Writer Resources

Looking for good, dependable feedback on your novel can be tough. Organizing help with a critique partner can be a nightmare and there’s no guarantee that they’ll even do their part of the work. And there’s only so much that your parent/friend/significant other/neighbor/postal worker can do for you. We all know that like children, it takes a village to raise a bestseller…but you need a chieftain to call the shots. At some point in your process you’ll need to get someone involved who can really sink their claws into your work, but help you to come out the victor.

You need someone like me.

For a modest fee (starting at $10), I will review your work in completion and give whatever level of feedback you need. My turnaround time is typically 1 week, but can vary based on the size of your work and the amount of help necessary.

Contact me today for a free first page sample critique!


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