Damsel, Not Distressing: Rayna Jaymes




Book/Series/Movie: Nashville

Divorce, car accidents, near death, aging, alcoholic exes, evil record execs, prima donnas, philandering jerks, dramatic teenagers, extortion, back-stabbing, baby daddy drama, attempted murder, actual murder, narcissism, embezzlement schemes, and other assorted evils be damned.

Rayna Jaymes has got this.

ABC’s Nashville, which just concluded it’s sophomore season, is chock-full of compelling characters. Rayna leads the pack. This girl has been through it all. You name it, she’s probably seen it, done it, or at least narrowly avoided the consequences. What I really appreciate about her character is that she is constantly constructing resolutions. She’s no delicate flower, she’s a country girl. And, if you’re somehow unaware, country girls get stuff done. Rayna is no exception.

For example, when Jeff Fordham took over as the CEO of Edgehill Records, he put the pressure on her to use a near-fatal car accident to manipulate fan emotions and sell records. He tried to rush an incomplete record to publishing, despite her refusal. So Rayna did the impossible: gathered up all of her money, threw her mansion up as collateral, bought herself out of her contract, and launched her own record label. She made Highway 65 into something special, too, in making it an artist-based record company that supported the singers and handled all with a loving hand.

I am a huge Nashville fan. I’ve loved Rayna since episode one. She’s a pillar for her daughters, even when her relationships are going down the drain. Rayna stands firm in her beliefs and hardly ever waivers, if at all. She’s made some hard choices in her life, sure, especially ones surrounding her former lover, Deacon. But Rayna is the picture of strength and southern grace.

The thing about Rayna is that while her life is a mess at times, she always has people jumping up to help her. She just isn’t that willing to take them up on their offers, especially when said offers include anything that would either take away from her home life or compromise her morals. That’s what makes her a solid non-distressing damsel. Life gets rough, money gets tight, and people act a fool. It’s all good, though. Rayna has seriously got this.

xo – Meli


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