For the love of Sailor Moon

SailorMoonBannerIf you’re like me, you probably have fond memories of rushing home from school to catch Sailor Moon on Toonami. Having read all the manga, you cringed each time they called her Serena and sighed with each butchered intro song. The censorship was annoying and offensive.

But you watched every last episode, all the movies, and possibly even invested in some pretty shoddy fan subtitled VHS tapes (though I admit to nothing). You promised to punish anyone who bothered you, and do so in the name of the Moon. Two episodes in and you mastered the art of the rounded pigtail. There’s a really good chance that Sailor Moon was your first role-playing game, fan fiction, and/or attempt to draw anime. You were a Moonie, after all, a Moonie through-and-through.

Ladies and gentlemen…the reward for our dedication, both past and present, is finally here.

Viz Media announced last week that not only are they releasing all episodes in the US, including the previously unreleased Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, but three motion pictures and several tie-in specials. We’ll have both the subtitled version (with original voice actors, names, relationships, and content) and a new voice dubbed version, to debut later this year, cast with the blessing of manga creator Naoko Takeuchi herself.

And if that’s not enough, just wait! There’s more!

We’ll be in for an even bigger treat with the premiere of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal. Oh yes, that’s right. It’s a reboot.

But for now, we’ve got loads of original episodes coming our way. With this awesomeness starting today, the first four episodes have launched on Hulu and Viz’s own NeonAlley. We’ll see two episodes debut each Monday (or “Moon-day,” if you will).

We can also expect July 5th, otherwise known as “Sailor Moon Day,” to be chock-full of awesomeness. Not only will Viz be hosting panels to announce the new voice talent at Anime Expo, but the reboot will debut and Moonies will be called from all around the world to dress up for what they hope will be the largest Sailor Moon cosplay gathering ever.

Sailor Moon has always been a huge love of mine so expect to hear much more about this in the months to come.

xo – Meli

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4 thoughts on “For the love of Sailor Moon

  1. LKELKLJLELKWJLQWKJEKLQ How did I not know about thiiiiiis!?!?!? *pants, exhausted from SM feels* I was obsessed with Sailor Moon – I had the headbands, the dolls, the wand, I even went as Sailor Jupiter to a party once (if my hair was darker, I’d have gone as Mars, my absolutely favourite).

    I’m so excited to rewatch this series and get lost in the magic all over again! :)

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