Great Moms in Geekdom

Yesterday was not only Mother’s Day, but the 100th anniversary of the holiday. So in honor of the centennial celebration, let’s celebrate some of the blaster-shooting, wand-wielding, and generally butt-kicking moms of entertainment!

This list is presented in no particular order (and feel free to throw out suggestions).




Padme Amidala
Concept sketch – via Padawan’s Guide
We’re so sorry that your movies never really did you justice, but we know better than to judge you for that. You are the wife of the greatest bad guy, a brave diplomat, a butt-kicking fighter, and the mother of our favorite heroes. You weren’t able to raise them yourself but you did all that you could to protect them for as long as possible.



lily potter


Lily Potter
Fan Art by Ereya on DeviantArt
There’s no force in this world quite as strong as a mother’s love. Not only did you give your life for Harry, but you left him with gifts that continued to protect him for years, and in many ways. Your kindness warmed the hearts of the people around you, leaving lasting effects that ensured Harry’s protection.



Mary Darling
Capture courtesy of Disney
George Darling is a hot-headed jerk and you are the water to his flames. You are wholeheartedly concerned with the well-being of your children, especially Wendy, who is being shoved into womanhood far to quickly. The picture of beauty and grace, your serenity has set a wonderful example for your daughter.




Eleanor Cousland
Fan Art by Vamplady101 on DeviantArt
A self-described former “battle maiden,” you raised your kids to know how to hold their own in combat. Nobility likes to sit pretty and looks proper, but your kids know how to fight. But swords aren’t your only weapons – you fight just as eagerly with a quick mind & sharp tongue.



Mary Winchester
Fan Art by lilnen on DeviantArt
Like Lily, you died protecting the ones you loved. A former hunter, you gave it all up for your dream of having a family. Unbeknownst to you, the supernatural wasn’t as willing to let you go.



180px-Molly_Weasley_MakaniMolly Weasley
Art from
Let’s be honest here, Molly, if I had a house full of excitable children such as your own, I’d be institutionalized. Yet you tend to each and every single one of them with an enviable precision. Your whole heart goes into everything you do and you welcome everyone with open arms. But you’re also quick to defend with all the force necessary.


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