A to Z Blog Challenge: Z, for “ZEE END!”

Man, it’s been a whirlwind month! I started April 1st on a totally new platform, moving from Blogspot to WordPress. All of my counters reset and I didn’t even bother moving the bulk of my posts over. I thought I’d be lucky if I found a single follower here in my first month.

I’m so glad that all you beautiful people found me.

I’ve had a lot of opportunities jump out at me, too. Not only have I been doing the A to Z blog challenge, but some authors had me take part in their Cover Reveals, launch days, and blog tours. Let me tell you – that’s an honor beyond measure.

Now my quandary is figuring out where to go from here. I’m going to continue reviews and blog tours. They’re so much fun and I really love the behind-the-scenes stuff. I’m contemplating running a weekly feature on something fandom related, considering that the highest traffic day I had all month was when I hinted to the BioWare fan girls that there just might have been a post about their favorite Theirin. I’ve also got a short story serial that will launch either this weekend or the next, confidence level depending. Other than that?

I have no earthly idea.

Guess we’ll see! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful, productive month and I look forward to seeing how you all continue to progress!

xo – Meli


6 thoughts on “A to Z Blog Challenge: Z, for “ZEE END!”

    • Thank you SO much! I think I’m going to do another character study pretty soon, but maybe not with the same tenacity. I’ve learned so much while working on this!

  1. Naw, Meli, I always looked forward to seeing your posts pop up in my Reader :) Your Prince Charmings have inspired my literary ones, and I find myself always thinking “Yes, he *could* do that, but wouldn’t *that* be so much more Charming-y…”. Please don’t stop blogging, you’re too talented to go to waste! :D

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