Case Studies in the Art of Prince Charming: Y


"Who, me?"

“Who, me?”

Let’s face it, guys and dolls: any Prince Charming I can throw out at you is likely to be less Perfect!Prince Charming than any of our nontraditional nominees. Ironic, isn’t it? That the pillar of romantic hope in entertainment is sometimes so lacking?

"Ahh...*chuckling sigh*...I'm not even sure why I'm here.."

“Ahh…*chuckling sigh*…I’m not even sure why I’m here..”

The stereotype is a hard one, struck into stone and made into legends. Prince Charming is the one trick pony who swoops in and out, stopping only long enough to deliver true love’s kiss. Does he generally give us any growth? Does he display any sort of brilliant qualities that make him worthy of admiration? Not normally.

But that’s why we’re all here, isn’t it?

"So we're not all here to worship me?!"

“So we’re not all here to worship me?!”

So let’s take a moment to quietly praise the heroic Prince Charmings.

1. David of Once Upon a Time. Your biggest flaw is, well, yourself. Face it, you really started off on the wrong foot there, friend. But when you’re our beloved Prince Charming of Fairytale Land, the one who vows (and continues to) always find Snow, making you are the picture of everything right in your world.

When this one smiles, though. *swoon*

That smile. *swoon*

2. Alcott from Mirror Mirror. You were special. So special. You’re basically an overgrown man-child, Alcott, and obviously still trying to figure out how the world works. But your smile is so disarming. And your heart is everlastingly pure. You let your Snow shine and come to your rescue. (And by ‘let’ I mean ‘she basically had no other option, but whatever, we’ll still give you credit.’)



3. William from Snow White and the Huntsman. Okay, fine, so I didn’t even watch this movie. Kristen Stewart, guys. Seriously. But, ah…just look at this pretty face!

Even your scowl face is precious, Mr. Sam Claflin.

Even your scowl face is precious, Mr. Sam Claflin.

So here’s to the actual Prince Charming, the oft dim-witted rescuer. You are the purveyor of true love and for that, we applaud you for your efforts, however single-minded they may be.

xo – Meli


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