Case Studies in the Art of Prince Charming: V


"Forgive the insubordination but your boyfriend has an order for this post."

“Forgive the insubordination but your boyfriend has an order for you…read this post.”

No list in the existence of humankind would be complete without the inclusion of Space Batman. I’m just saying. In as much as there is so Shepard without Vakarian, there is no Prince Charming case study without Garrus Vakarian.

Movie/Series/Book: Mass Effect, video game

Who He Loved: Fem!Shep

“So… your, uh, hair looks good. And your waist is… very supportive.”

In the beginning, there was ship commander who needed to save the planet, and a C-Sec officer who was tired of not having the ability to do the same. The first few years together, Garrus and Shepard are not only comrades-in-arms, but an indestructible force to be reckoned with. I hate to call it a partnership; it’s so much more than that. Later on down the road, years and years later, they find themselves on familiar ground again. It was then the ship commander who needed a trustworthy companion, and the former C-Sec officer (turned general butt-kicker) who just needed something to go right.

And the most “right” he can find in that screwed up, war-effected world is Commander Shepard.

Garrus is a smooth talking, witty sharp-shooter with the most level head in the galaxy and the kind of scars that drive all the girls crazy. The amount of talent he possesses is enough to put him at the top of any military group that could ever be created. Heck, he could run the place. Every place. He could run every single place in the Alliance, and easily, at that. But instead, he chooses to be the right-hand man of the woman he respects, admires, and, I dare say, loves.

I won’t even go into how much effort he puts into their relationship towards the end of the game series. I just finished up my first run-through this month so the feelings are still pretty raw. And I don’t want to be bawling my eyes out on a Friday morning, thank-you-very-much. Just know that he does. My gosh, does he. He does everything that he can to make sure that Shepard walks into that last battle in the very best shape possible…physically, mentally, and emotionally. But what strikes me as the most important trait Garrus possesses, and the one that makes him a spectacular Prince Charming, is his level of commitment. He might throw out a few funny looks and make suggestions, but he never actually doubts Shepard. When he thought they had lost her forever, he didn’t give up on her (AHEM, Kaidan “butthead” Alenko, I’m looking at you). When she finds him two years later as he’s off kicking butt and taking names on Omega, he slides right back into form – at her side, where he always belonged.

xo – Meli


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