Case Studies in the Art of Prince Charming: U


Did I do that? No, seriously. Did I REALLY just do that?!

Did I do that? No, seriously. Did I REALLY just do that?!

When awesome friend Chelsea suggested that Steve Urkel be done for this letter, I was a little blown-away. Not because it was so outlandish…but because it was so brilliant. If our goal is to study the unconventional Prince Charmings, well, I guess we’re exactly where we need to be. I asked her to guest blog this one, so everyone please give Chelsea a hand!

Book/Series/Movie: Family Matters

Who He Loved: Laura Winslow

Steve is tall, very thin, and bow-legged, with huge coke-bottle glasses and a wide-eyed expression. His everyday wardrobe features suspenders and mom jeans. With perpetually bent elbows, a clumsy demeanor, and a nasal voice, his most noticeable trait is how he rocks all of this with a general air of obliviousness.

Most redeeming qualities: Kindhearted, caring, romantic, very intelligent, persistent, loyal, always tries to be helpful.

Worst character traits: Clumsy, never pays attention to surroundings, reads too much into Laura’s actions/words (thinks she returns his affections), over-analyzes everything, meddlesome, naïve.

For Steve and Laura, it was love at first sight. One-sided, yes, but still instant love. And he never stops loving Laura, even though she doesn’t feel the same until years later. Steve even tries to change himself to get her approval – morphing into the suave and sophisticated Stefan Urquelle. Years down the road and he even picks up his own admirer, the equally annoying nerd Myra Monkhouse. Despite building a relationship with her, he is still loyal to Laura.

He may not be drop-dead gorgeous, suave, or charismatic (like Stephan), but he is always pure of heart and kind to everyone. He is a great friend to Laura’s brother, Eddie, a good role model to the various children in the neighborhood, a well-meaning hindrance to Carl Winslow, and is unfailingly polite and chivalrous to any and all women he encounters. He is far from perfect and drives everybody crazy, but he is an excellent example of a true, old-fashioned gentleman.

xo – Meli


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