Case Studies in the Art of Prince Charming: T

It’s shameless self-promotion day!

Thatcher Hale


Don’t worry, you haven’t missed a Josh Hutcherson movie. Thatcher Hale is from my own unpublished work. I just really wanted an excuse to post this handsome face. You can pretend that he’s Thatcher, if it suits you.

Movie/Book/Series: Cordelia Ashby and the List

Who He Loves: Cordelia Ashby

Thatcher is average height and build, with a dimple-framed smile and rumpled blonde hair. A car service driver, he wears the finest suits on a constant basis. It’s not in an attempt to put up false airs, though. It’s just easier to not have to do the extra laundry that a post-work costume change would cause.

My desire to make this A to Z list, and really look into the Art of Prince Charming, was all because of Thatcher. I felt myself getting a little too cliché. Let me tell you – it’s ridiculously easy to throw in a formula male love interest, then let him save the day and skirt on to his happy ending. I wanted more than that, though. I wanted to make sure that he had a mission that he could fulfill – not just for the story, but for the reader, too. Breaking these characters down as helped me immensely. The old Thatcher kind of sucked. The new one?

“Maybe I, for the lack of better words…and excusing the fact that I am extremely close to becoming a bumbling idiot…maybe I don’t need things. Maybe what I need is you.”

Well, he throws himself into every friendship and relationship head-first, to the point that he can’t always see the flaws in the patina. It leaves him open to heartbreak. There are also underlying trust issues that, ironically, keep him from being honestly and forthright. It isn’t that he doesn’t initially trust Cordelia, he’s just been burned before. It causes him to carry a massive secret that almost becomes their undoing. But Thatcher has strength and resolve…and Cordelia gives him a reason to work even harder to become the very best version of himself that he can become.

What I find to be the most admirable thing about him is that he really thinks about the outcomes. He does have his moment of dashing in to save the girl. Twice, actually. But his actions weigh heavy on his mind. Thatcher worries that he’s taken away her free choice and, more importantly, robbed her of the ability to grow. To him, being a Prince Charming isn’t about saving the damsel in distress. It’s about helping her to save herself.

xo – Meli


2 thoughts on “Case Studies in the Art of Prince Charming: T

  1. Thatcher sounds utterly adorable! I would expect nothing but an adorable, endearing prince charming from you, Meli, seeing as you know them all inside out :D “Helping her to save herself”…*sigh* Sounds like my kinda man!

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