Case Studies in the Art of Prince Charming: S


"It's time someone recognizes my...intentions."

“It’s past time for Meli to recognize my brilliance.”

I proudly informed my husband that this post would be my pièce de résistance. He said to me, “Even after the one you’re going to do for-”

Always,” came my firm reply.

Series/Book/Movie: Harry Potter

Who He Loved: Lily Evans

There is a huge part of my soul that still aches every time I think about Snape. And he is a Knight in Shining Armor of his own accord, and in so many ways. It was hard to pick just one angle.

Let’s pretend for a moment that Snape had never fallen for Lily Evans. Harry would have been some punk kid who got hexed out of the window by Snape before he could even say his first wingardium leviosa. Book’s over; everyone can go home now. Good show.

It just wasn't that easy.

It just wasn’t that easy.

In the end, Snape’s story is one of love. Lily Evans was the only source of joy he had. His home life was miserable and he had the social skills of a rotten tomato. Problem was that he loved her as much as he loved the Dark Arts. In the end, she inadvertently caused him to make his choice between the two when, after Snape said a stupid thing to her, she severed all ties with him. That’s not only when his journey into evil started but, in as odd as it may seem, his Prince Charming story began. He had settled in the very darkest recesses of the wizarding world. Despite his heart, he was devoted to the Dark Lord and unwittingly caused the catastrophic events that lead to Lily’s death. It was then that he changed.

His need to set things right and make up for his errors came far too late.

Free tissues are located at the hospitality desk.

Free tissues are located at the hospitality desk.

But…back to Harry. He had a chance to redeem himself by tending to (and haphazardly caring for) Lily’s child. Yes – he became Harry’s own Knight in Shining Armor. He was constantly there, behind the scenes and begrudgingly arranging Harry’s safety. I’m sure one could make an argument that Snape didn’t do nearly enough for Harry, but just think about it. Asking him to care for James’ child was a tall order, regardless of his mother. This kid was everything he ever loved and hated. But he cared regardless and continued to do so until his dying moment, the one spent looking at that kid’s face and into the eyes that reminded him so much of the woman he loved. In the end, he wasn’t just trying to ensure Harry’s survival, like “a pig for slaughter.” Despite Harry’s shortcomings, there was clearly some part of Snape that cared for the boy just like he had cared for his mother.

If that doesn’t make him a Prince Charming, I just don’t belong here.

xo – Meli

If you need me, I’ll be off crying in the corner, thx.

5 thoughts on “Case Studies in the Art of Prince Charming: S

  1. I needed ALL THE TISSUES when the 7th film came out. I’ll admit, I wasn’t a big Snape fan until I saw Alan Rickman portray him, and then I was hooked. He played him SO brilliantly, I couldn’t help but love him! Everything he did, on reflection, was to help Harry – I especially loved when he covered for him against Umbridge *shudder*. Such a Prince Charming *sigh* Great post Meli! :)

  2. Yes Snape was a true hero because he did everything he did for no recognition. The only one who knew everything he sacrificed was Dumbledore and then Snape had to kill him, per Dumbledore’s own request. Then when Harry finally gets the truth, it’s too late. It’s nice that at least we see Harry passing on Snape’s goodness when he tells his son that one of the bravest men he knew was a Slytherin…

    My A-Z theme is Harry Potter ;)
    Michelle @ In Media Res

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