Case Studies in the Art of Prince Charming: R / The Road to 80 Rejections, vol. 7


This post is going to be my R…for “rejection,” which is a writer’s Prince Charming in disguise.

Think about it. We’ve spent the last 21 days discussing Prince Charming. We’ve decided that what we like the most is when they are flawed and weak. We want to see their bad side just as often as the good. More than anything, we want to see them grow as your story progresses – all while helping the distressing damsel (that would be you) do the same.

If we see our queries as kisses and our rejections as the unprincely frog, we’re doing ourselves no favors. Instead we’ve got to see the entire process – from query to rejection or, better yet, contract – as a budding relationship with the publishing world. There will be highs and lows. Sometimes you’ll give Prince Charming Rejection that coy smile of interest and he’ll give you the Wink of Full Manuscript Request in return. Sometimes he’ll give you the Cold Shoulder Form Rejection instead. He’s the flippant sort, however, so he might change his opinion of you on a day-to-day basis. The important thing is that you see him for who he really is: your love, the one who can help you to grow and achieve greatness.

See each rejection as potential. Prince Charming Rejection will improve as time goes on. The form rejections will grow to ones that will actually give you advice that you can use, if not welcome you in with open arms. And he’ll help you to grow, too.

You just have to let him.

xo – Meli


3 thoughts on “Case Studies in the Art of Prince Charming: R / The Road to 80 Rejections, vol. 7

  1. Wow, I’ll definitely have a new outlook on rejections from now on thanks to you, Meli! :D I’ve kissed a looot of frogs, if that’s the case ;)

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