Book Blog Tour Stop: WWIV by e a lake.

WWIV Book TourDystopian Sci-Fi // Buy on Amazon for just $2.99 today!

When I first dug in to this apocolyptic tale, I thought to myself, “…this is gonna be good.”

I wasn’t disappointed.

The city of Saint Paul wakes up one morning to discover that any and all things electronic have simultaneously stopped working. This is no rolling black-out, though. Everything from the lights to the water, charged cell phones to car computers, and even our government – all gone. It’s a scary concept, especially to non-prepper people like me. After the second chapter I had to put the book down think on it a little. What would my family do in the case of a shut-down? Our cars are newer and we only have one bike, so we’d be hoofing it anywhere we tried to go. I thought on this subject some more as I headed to my eldest daughter’s school to pick her up. On our way back, all of the streetlights and traffic signals had gone off. I pulled into our driveway and whipped out my cell to call my husband, mainly to warn him about the traffic jams, and a blaring message on my screen informed me that the network was down. What the heck? And then I remembered the book.

Glad to see that my house at least had power, I slammed back the next few chapters without hesitation. Apparently I’ve got a lot to learn.

That said, I truly enjoyed this novel. Lakes excels at realism and undeniable probability. The amount of thought that he puts into each situation is obvious, too. Each and every avenue is examined and described in great detail. It’s wonderful for helping the reader to step into Bill’s shoes, but I probably could have lived a happy life without understanding the concept of the backyard potty hole. Or it’s subsequent smell. While lakes also exceeds at tension in allowing the reader to really feel how dire the circumstances are, he did leave me craving conflict. We would approach the precipice of trouble going down and resolutions would come almost too quickly or easily. I kept wanting encounters to be rougher or last longer. I don’t feel that this takes away from the story, however, but I just kept thinking that it could have been better. I was satisfied by the end of the novel, though it did make for a slow first ten chapters.

All in all, I’d certainly recommend this book to any of you who have ever wondered ‘what if.’ WWIV will answer that question with the sort of gravity we must all see and recognize as real possibility.

xo – Meli


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