Case Studies in the Art of Prince Charming: J


Or Adam Lambert. Whatever.

When one of my friends suggested that I include Jesse in this list, I actually let out this joyful squelch. It’s not becoming for a woman of my standing, mind you. But yes – he reduces even the most genteel of proper ladies into fangirl goo.


“Did she really just say that?”

Shut up. I’m a proper lady.

Series/Book/Movie: Pitch Perfect

Who He Loves: Beca Mitchell

Jessie is clear chick flick comedy gold. He’s absolutely adorable and fills the role of the nerdy boy next door with near-perfection. You can’t help but love him. He sweeps into the room with a goofy smile and leaves waves of charm, charisma, and raw emotion in his wake.

And he’s terribly dreamy. Oh, swoon.

But here’s what makes him a perfect Prince Charming: it’s not the looks, or that gorgeous voice. It’s the fact that from the very moment he meets Beca on, he’s determined to make her happy. Can you imagine that? A man whose mission is to make someone happy? And that’s pretty much it? Even though Beca can be oh-so-very difficult, he’s firm at her side. He takes up for her, and is proud of her when she does the right thing. When she, being the emotional gal that she is, decides that she needs some space from him, he doesn’t hesitate to do just that. He doesn’t crowd her or try to change her. Jesse gives her the opportunity to (as he put it) “figure it out.”

Love isn’t really about trying to change the person you feel for, after all. It’s about doing what you can for them and supporting them as they make the change themselves. Beca does, and if his reaction doesn’t melt your heart instantly, you and I should probably talk no longer.

I won’t even go into the part where he helps bullied roommate Benji to live his dream. Because there’s no tears in show choir.

But I’ll urge you to watch it below.

xo – Meli


9 thoughts on “Case Studies in the Art of Prince Charming: J

  1. Ohhhh Jesse Swanson. From the first time I saw PP, I was like “Who who WHO is this guy? Where has he been all my life!?”, because honestly, he had me from the moment he was belting out in the taxi to Beca. And that SMILE! *swoon* Great choice!!

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