Case Studies in the Art of Prince Charming: I



Hi, friends. It’s guest blog day! Everyone say hello to my friend, Holly. After she made quite impassioned plea about on Imriel being my Prince Charming of I, it was pretty obvious that she needed to be the one who sold him to all of you, too.

Series/Book/Movie: Kushiel Books

Who He Loved: Sidonie de la Courcel

“I just want a chance to be myself, and not my history.”

Imriel is the child born of betrayal, the son of Terre de Ange’s greatest traitor, and raised in the house of its greatest heroine. It makes for one conflicted mind. Wanting little more than to separate himself from his traitorous bloodline, it took Imriel many years before he entered the court and met Sidonie.

They didn’t like each other at first. He found her cold and unforgiving of his “tainted” blood, and she did not like the attention he gave to her younger sister, Alais. It wasn’t until the Longest Night party that sparks flew, and they realized the depth of feelings involved. They were separated by political marriage shortly after – Imriel to another, who was tragically killed. Vowing to avenge her and their unborn child, he became the hero he had tried to hard not to become, eventually returning to Sidonie’s side and asking to marry her.

But, before that could happen, the Queen charged him with one last quest, bring his traitor mother to justice. You’ll have to read the books to find out what happens, I have spoiled enough.

Why is Imriel a Prince Charming? Well, let’s look at the facts. He’s a Prince and wins the heart of the most difficult woman in the country, The Dauphine (Heir). He goes to the ends of the earth trying to prove his worth to not only Sidonie and her family, but to himself. Imriel went from an orphan to foster-son of the greatest hero of the realm, but still felt the taint of his birth. He wanted nothing more than to seen for his own merits and the ones of the person who birthed him, or raised him. That is an amazing quality..the drive to be honorable because it’s who he needed to be.

There is a line he speaks as a child, “Am I good?” and it is something he continues to ask himself during his journeys. That ability to question his own actions makes him a shining example of what a Prince should be.


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