Case Studies in the Art of Prince Charming: E


Here comes the smolder.

Here comes the smolder.

…otherwise known as Flynn Rider.

Flynn Rider has to be one of my favorite Disney characters to date. He’s just a gem, a real piece of work, but a gem. He’s of average height and build, so I suppose we could call him “so-so, kind of darkish, but certainly handsome.” His dark chocolate hair is long enough to constantly fall in his eyes and he has a scruffy goatee. Charming, all boy, and roguish, Flynn steals the hearts of women (and the contents of their satchels) with great ease.

Series/Book/Movie: Tangled

Who He Loved: Rapunzel

I was inspired to start this list back when I, while doing character research on my novel, asked my friends to tell me what they liked to see in a Prince Charming-esque character. Here’s the resounding answer:


So when I started coming up with my list of characters for the A to Z challenge, Flynn Rider was an obvious choice. He starts off as this greedy, narcissistic, law-breaking jerk. Because of his orphan upbringing, and time spent reading adventure books, his “dream” was to build a hoard of money and go hide out in the mountains or something, happy and alone. All he saw in any situation was personal gain. He didn’t deserve two seconds of Rapunzel’s time, better yet her companionship.

He had charisma, however, and I’m sure that’s the only reason anyone could ever like him.

Then he met Rapunzel. She gained his respect, and that turned into admiration…which turned into love. And love turned him into an upstanding guy. His dream changed. From that point on, all he wanted was to help Rapunzel achieve her’s and make sure that the lost princess finally made it home. He became selfless, which was quite the accomplishment. She became an excellent role model for him and helped him to see that there are treasures in everyday life that are far more valuable than any shiny bauble or jewel.

xo – Meli



8 thoughts on “Case Studies in the Art of Prince Charming: E

  1. *fangirl squeal* Eugeeeene! I think the eight-year-old girl in me loves him because he kinda has that rogueish Han Solo thing going for him, and the way he changed his dream for Rapunzel totally makes me cry every time I watch Tangled – when he says “Did I ever tell you I prefer brunettes?”, I just go to pieces *sniffle!*

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