Case Studies in the Art of Prince Charming: D

The Doctor

david tennant doctor who 1440x900 wallpaper_www.wallpapername.com_42

Surely you knew he’d pop up.

I know, I know, I’ve told each one of the three previous Charmings that they were the best and no one is loved more than they are, but I swear, they’re not listening right now. They have no clue that the Doctor takes the cake. (Or jelly babies. Or jammie dodgers. Or custard.)

It’s for posterity, you see. They’d all be terribly jealous.

Series/Book/Movie: Doctor Who

Who He Loved: Oh, you know, everybody. But most especially, Rose Tyler.

It hurts, it hurts!

Me too, sister.

We’re going to put our focus today on my doctor, Ten. But first, I must start with my Doctor Who conversion story. See, my husband and I started watching Doctor Who on a whim. And that whim was called “Meli thinks Matt Smith is awful cute, so hey! Let’s see what this is all about!” We started at the beginning of the reboot. I thought it was cool and all, absolutely. But Eccleston is too good at playing the wounded hero and my heart just hurt when I watched him. We didn’t mesh well. Then suddenly he regenerated and from that first episode on, this brilliant chemistry rushed in out of nowhere. The Rose/Ten connection made me into the whovian that I am today.

The thing about Ten, or any of the regenerations actually, is that he’s the one meant to save the entire galaxy. He’s not meant to save the girl, and none of his companions really need rescuing. When one has to worry about daleks, cybermen, animus, weeping angels, the Silence, zygons, autons, and more, one doesn’t really have time to worry about What’s Her Face’s broken fingernail. He needs side kicks. Co-Charmings, if you will. Like, ah…

Yes, you.

Yes, you.

So what makes the Doctor the perfect Prince Charming? Dedication, skill, smarts, killer good looks, awesome hair (really, though), and a devotion to fighting the good fight that goes above and beyond comprehension. Is he flawed? Oh, you know it. The decisions he has made in the past weigh him down, each and every one of them. He is, regardless of Gallifrey’s state, the man who regrets and the man who wishes he could honestly forget. But he soldiers on because it’s his job. It’s his duty.

Because he’s the Doctor, and that’s like a promise he made.

xo – Meli

PS: I purposely kept this one short. What do YOU think makes the Doctor a splendid Prince Charming?

14 thoughts on “Case Studies in the Art of Prince Charming: D

  1. A woman after my own heart. I’m swooning over here. This is a wonderful tribute. Also, fantastic use of captions.

    I think my favorite thing about The Doctor (well, when he’s untainted by a certain big-headed showrunner) is that he is committed to his code. Always help. Never run away. No guns. Look up genocide in the dictionary, you’ll see a little picture of him there and the caption will read “over his dead body.” He makes enthusiasm, science, adventure, and confidence look cool. I think most of all I love that he loves humanity. He reminds us that we’re super awesome. He believes in us.

    And then when he goes to the dark side, it’s enthralling. He’s the ultimate superhero.

  2. Oh yes! The Doctor is the perfect Prince Charming or knight in shining armor. The tenth Doctor is my favorite too.

    Visiting for the Untethered Realms group for the A to Z Challenge.

  3. I love this choice Meli!! The Doctor is such an unassuming Prince Charming :) I remember the episode with Van Gogh, he went out of his way to make sure Van Gogh heard praise at that art gallery – that to me is the mark of a truly good man :) and don’t get me started on he and Rose!!

    • I have trouble even thinking about the Van Gogh episode without getting teary-eyed. Hells bells, was that incredible. I always stop short of calling him selfless, because despite that being the very best word, it still doesn’t do him justice.

  4. Sweet. I used to watch the Tom Baker Doctor on Public Television, but it was the reboot that really converted me. I’ve watched it from the beginning, and liked them all, but DT is definitely my favorite.

    I love your theme, btw. What a marvelous idea!

    Best of luck with the challenge.

  5. Haha, this is good! Of course he’s the best. :) I found your post just by searching for David Tennant posts, because I just posted about meeting Ten (well, meeting Tennant). I agree with your opinion entirely!

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