Case Studies in the Art of Prince Charming: C


Oh, Christian. Let me love you.

Oh, Christian. Let me love you.

If you have not watched Moulin Rouge, I highly suggest that you put down the laptop/tablet/phone/papyrus and getteth thee to the video store. It’s okay. We’ll wait. I’ll make a suggestion first, though: only vaguely pay attention through the first twenty minutes or so. Just saying. The beginning is kind of a trip.

But if you can make your way past it, you’re spun into one of the most awesome love stories I’ll be discussing on this list.

Series/Book/Movie: Moulin Rouge!

Love Interest: Satine

Had Christian not found himself in that crappy flat in Paris, the courtesan, Satine, would have spent the last of her days in the arms of a real jerk, having probably never even thought about true love. Christian is a catalyst. He saved this poor, ill woman from a life of misery. (Did you not see the Duke’s musical number? Issues. That man had issues.) Their time together was very brief, but boy golly. He made a difference.

What makes him a great Prince Charming? For one, Christian fought for the ideals he believed in. He fled from his father in England all the way to Paris after he had caught wind about the bohemian revolution. Freedom, beauty, truth, and love…that’s what he believed in, despite having been raised so conservatively. Despite being a caged bird. Despite having never been in love.

But then he found Satine. She was the headlining dancer at the club, Moulin Rouge. Men paid good money to look at her, better yet gain the full Satine experience. And yet Christian, a poor writer, stumbled into her grasp. After a lot of coaxing (and a musical medley) he helped her to not only realize that she wanted to be loved in return, but value herself enough to know that she deserved it. Why? Because this man with a heart of gold actually saw the same in her as well. She went from only really being concerned about success and her next meal ticket to actually wanting to be a good, honest person. The best kind of Prince Charming out there is the sort that encourages healthy change. Not only did Satine grow with his help, but found real happiness.

What I like the most about the Prince Charming Christian is that he was beautifully flawed. Christian was a selfish man. He knew that pursuing Satine was bad for not only her, but everyone else who worked at the Moulin Rouge. Horrible things happened and he still insisted on fighting for her. It’s a noble gesture, but it loses some of it’s shimmer when the livelihoods of hundreds of workers depend upon him ending the relationship. He was also a very jealous man. Satine had one final, glorious personal arrangement that she needed to fulfill. It was her final financial obligation. No matter how hard he tried, and despite the fact that he had been warned about it, he just couldn’t stuff his jealousy down long enough to allow her to do her job. It became their great undoing.

xo – Meli


12 thoughts on “Case Studies in the Art of Prince Charming: C

  1. haha. Moulin Rouge is on my looong list of favorite movies! :) And I do love Christian, too! He’s a great writer and singer (well at least on the movie).:P I don’t want him to be my Prince Charming, though. He’s too obsessed with love and thinks that “all you need is love”. A guy like that is too much to handle! haha. :P

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