Treasures & Troubles, vol. 1: THE PEDESTAL

For anyone who cringed with worry the moment they first heard about the Google Glasses: this book’s for you.
Wilson Abby lives in the realistic future, where computers and smart phones have been shoved aside in favor of implanted technology. Conspiracy theorists are given ample time to rejoice; people have become part of a living, breathing internet where social networking takes life to a whole new level. It’s every internet security specialist’s nightmare. See, it’s not completely secure. It can be hacked…and not just by humans. 
Wimberley’s story really starts where Wilson’s Nanoprint, the implanted chip that controls his connection to the NEXUS, ends. Wil, as only his “closest friends” call him, is the champion of all those who were ever at the wrong place at the wrong time. At first it seemed as if fate really had it in for the poor guy. He can’t catch a break. However, it doesn’t take long for the author to establish that the forces behind Wil’s misfortunes are far more sinister than something as simple as bad timing. Before long, both the entire network and Wil’s life come crashing down under the attack of mob bosses, crooked superiors, and massive, life-eating plants. The author delights us with Wil’s quick sarcasm and displays some seriously smart writing—his audience is certainly in for a treat. 
What I enjoyed the most about THE PEDESTAL was the fact that the world Wimberley has built is foreseeable. We’re already dependent upon technology. Who doesn’t live by their smart phone? I wasn’t even through the second chapter before I had no choice but to question what my life would be like without constant connection. For the people in Wilson’s world, it’s right there: constantly on, hardwired to the brain. And everyone can see everything you do. That’s pretty creepy. 
So in other words, it’s sci-fi gold.
The only criticism I had was that Wimberley doesn’t write frou-frou romance. Dang it, I like Wilson. The author did marvelous work in giving us a character that we actually care about. And I’m a habitual fangirl. Draw your own conclusions.

My determination? Treasure, for sure.


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