The Road to 80 Rejections, vol. 1

I know, I know.

You’re thinking, “…dear Meli, do you actually want rejections?”

Well. Sort of.

Let me give you a little bit of background. I completed my manuscript about one year ago. It has been run through beta readers and revised three times. I’m basically doing everything I can do instead of ltting this little birdy hop out of the nest to soar off to greatness. There’s some hesitation here. I’m terrified of failure.

And then one day I read a post by a writer I respect, Ron Franscell. He’s a bestselling crime writer. This guy knows his stuff. He posted up a picture of a folder full of rejections that was about two inches thick. That’s, what, probably over one hundred rejections? Not one single one of them meant he didn’t have potential.

From what I’ve learned, querying is like casting lines for bass with hopes of nabbing catfish. You’ve got to find the editor/agent/publisher who is hungry enough to try something new. It’s tempting to say “Screw the fish!” and just launch immediately into self-publishing. Heck, I know of a lot of successful people who have done that. My dream, though, is to obtain a traditional publishing deal. I won’t know if I can do it if I don’t try. And if I can’t do it after eighty rejections, well, then we’ll see.

I’ll be using this blog header to detail my journey. We’ll celebrate every agonizing rejection so that other debut writers can join me in the revelry.



2 thoughts on “The Road to 80 Rejections, vol. 1

  1. Good luck, Meli! I've got a nice little stack of rejection letters too. (once you have them, you are a true author!) Self publishing turned out to be the way to go for me. But, I agree, go for traditional publishing first! I wish you great success!
    What do you write? We need to talk! I need an author-friend to talk shop with!

  2. Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to a nice stack myself. I'm probably going to eventually self-publish. I've heard so many great things about it. But, you know, dreams and stuff. ;) I write chick lit! And yes, we do!

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