The How Do-You-Dos.

I have two resolutions for life.

1). Lose weight. Do so by discovering a new cheesecake diet.
2). Finish a (any) novel. To completion. And let others read it.

While #1 is the more obtainable, the purpose of this blog is to really focus on #2. I’m excited. Are you excited? Well, you should be!

My current project is a chick lit piece, tentatively titled CORDELIA ASHBY: A NOVEL. It is the coming of age story of a push-over, trampled-upon girl named (fittingly) Cordelia Ashby. She is, in her own words, “just one free choice a day from becoming a figurehead in [her] own life.” When she discovers her fiance cheating on her the night before their wedding, however, she musters up the courage to take a hold of said life and live it for her and her alone.

I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with all of you. I also would love to get as much advice as possible! While I am a nerd child of the literary world, the only formal training I’ve gotten above and beyond the standard has been in essay writing. And let me tell you, this is a quite a bit different than writing essays!

Thank you and there will be more to come!


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